About Petty Things


Petty Things’ world revolves around the love for vintage and antique materials. Recycled mixed lovingly reinterpreted and worked in a small workshop in Madrid, to become contemporary pieces with timeless spirit. Other pieces are inspired by ancient handbags, with a nod to its forms and finishes.

We are passionate about finding unique materials. Rescue 50s barkcloths, 40s silks, 30s cottons! Search shawls around 1900 with embroidery. Unmount and remount vintage kimonos with delicate colors. Reuse brooches, chains, medals, junk in disuse, with the patina that gives the passage of time, the one that tells its story, and which can be given a new chance to shine.

Each Petty is made with care, vintage materials must be treated delicately, select the best preserved part and prepare them for use. Even with all that treatment Petty Things accessories can get spots and small broken due to the nature of the materials.

Accessories are made one by one, handmade. Most of the accessories get alive by the hands of a craftsman, which devotes his time to Petty Things in his small workshop in Madrid. Others come out from the Petty Things own workshop in Madrid. This comprehensive monitoring, replacement exquisitely achieved with small defects than non-series made “Wabi Sabi”.

Each of the Petty Things pieces made with vintage materials is numbered. The series that compound limited editions ranging from three to maximum of 30, depending on the fabric pieces. To find out what Petty we’re dealing with, each has its own card with its history and serial number, thus creating unique pieces!

Limited Editions are collections Petty Things sold in store. The bases of these accessories are limited, but there are models of leather that accompany the world Petty Things. These result in a practical and timeless collection that can be combined.

The Unique Pieces are another part of Petty Things. They are made one by one with combinations of old, impossible to repeat material, and the spirit of being jewelry to enjoy.

Petty Things designs are simple, practical, retro and modern, are accessories for use anytime and, if you are lucky enough to have a vintage limited edition, enjoy the accompanying story every time you take it. Do you know that of your vintage Petty Limited Edition?

RUTH ARILLA notebook

I’m still fascinated by the things my grandmother, Mama Nati, kept in the white closet background: boxes of old buttons, scraps of fabrics, linings, ribbons… A world of possibilities for a girl, and how in see it now, for someone older. The hands of my grandmother Angeles … which created left and continue leaving me speechless: crochet colorful and wonderful ways, buns sounding and gave life to dream lace, delicate, … I think they inspired Petty Things in myself.

Over time, the taste for objects and vintage aesthetic of the fifties back, have become a real passion for me.

Gradually I got a good number of materials from markets and shops of the sites visited, without thinking why. Only with time I discovered that they were there to Petty (affectionate nickname that ultimately have the accessories Petty Things).

At the Polytechnic, where I studied fashion, I learned the least to make simple bags and, with my home machine and something more, I began to investigate. – “ What do I do with all this? ”.

For years I´ve been working and learning from different designers and companies, to make collections, mostly accessories. With Duyos I learned freedom, in Jocomomola (Sybilla) to use color and discovered Japan!, with Jesús del Pozo my first pieces by hand, and so I have treasured something from all the places where I’ve been going through.

Ruth Arilla - designer & CEO Petty Things

Today my activity center commissioned work and I roll in taking forward my personal project: my beloved Petty Things, a special accessories brand, unique, beautifully crafted and that somehow make you happy to whomsoever.