Petty Things

Petty Things is a brand of exclusive accessories based in Madrid. Behind Petty Things are the dreams and memories of Ruth Arilla Acosta, of her childhood fascination with the things that her grandmother, Mama Nati, kept in the white wardrobe (boxes of antique buttons, pieces of cloth, linings, ribbons …), and her grandmother, Ángeles, made (perfect, delicate, special and unique pieces of crochet). Thus, the delicate treasures of her grandmothers led her to love and collect small pieces and materials, always with something special, with a history, that she found in her travels, searching through flea markets, peculiar and unique stores, meeting passionate people like her. The treasures she kept are the soul and spirit of the firm. A mixture between the history of recycling of vintage materials and the modernity of the skin adapted to different forms, always with the highest standards of product quality, made in Spain.

Her fashion studies at the Polytechnic University gave her the base to make simple bags, and using her sewing machine she began to research at home, while working with different designers and companies, making collections of accessories and learning from them: Juan Duyos , freedom; in Jocomomola (Sybilla) the color and his passion for Japan; of Fun & Basic, the business side; and with Jesús del Pozo he made his first pieces by hand. Finally, as a freelancer, she decided to take forward her personal project: a brand of special, unique, wonderfully elaborated accessories that make everyone happy. This is how Petty Things materialized.

"We are a company that believes in slow fashion, in respecting processes and recycling materials, creating contemporary pieces full of history and sustainable."

Today, from the recycling of vintage and antique materials, we elaborate contemporary pieces, with a timeless spirit, produced with a lot of love and care. Each of our complements is unique, they are made by hand, one by one, by skin artisans or in our own workshop, all in Spain. That allows us to do an exhaustive follow-up and get designs of exquisite quality, with the charm of the “not done in series”. Limited editions of 2 to 100 pieces maximum (depending on the fabric), which is numbered and whose inner card tells its story, its previous life and its serial number.

For the vintage collections we rescued precious printed fabrics, barkcloths from the 50s, silks from the 40s, cottons from the 30s, embroidered shawls from 1900; we dismantled vintage kimonos of delicate colors, already in disuse and we reused (for the unique pieces) brooches, chains, medals or scrap in disuse. The origins of vintage material today, are mixed with exquisite skins, mostly vegetables.

Extraordinary treasures for extraordinary women

We recycle secrets